The MOST used independent VTC test site in the world.   Over 1,000 calls per day!

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VTCTest ( and is a publicly available test site for H.323 VTC systems. This site is provided by Gary Miyakawa, Inc.

VTCTest is designed to help assure your H.323 system is working correctly by testing:
  • Connectivity (bi-directionally)

  • Video (bi-directionally) 

  • Audio (bi-directionally)

  • Content / H.239 (from VTCTest)

(Visual indicators show you the status/progress of these tests.)

We are developing a method that would allow you to view a complete call ladder of your call to VTCTest.   When completed, it will give you a great web page describing the call.  For more information about this ability, take a look at VTC-Call Stream Inspection (www.vtc-csi.com)  .

Please feel free to pass this test site on to others. Due to its growing popularity and call volume, you may experience a “busy” signal. So just try again!

Additionally, an alternate test is in “under construction” and provides a true Digital LoopBack at with similar capabilities.

Tests are limited to 1mb per call.

At this time, there are no charges to use these test systems, but donations are welcomed (as I'm paying for the bandwidth myself). If this test site has helped you out, please feel free to make a donatation by clicking on the PayPal donation button below. Thank you !

If you have any questions or comments about the test site, please feel free to email me about them: info@vtctest.com

Thanks, Gary Miyakawa (and crew)

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